10 Baby Boomer Volunteer Opportunities


School Volunteer

Strong schools grow in strong communities. You can help improve the quality of public education in your area by volunteering in your local elementary, middle and high schools. If you don't know where to start, search for volunteer education opportunities through Communities in Schools, a national program with 181 local affiliates in 25 states. The program coordinates the efforts of 57,000 volunteers who serve as mentors, classroom aides, reading partners, fundraisers for school supplies and more.

You can also contact your local schools directly. Many schools offer after-school programs for children whose parents work, or who need extra academic or emotional support beyond the traditional school day. These after-school programs often need volunteer tutors, sports coaches, computer lab helpers and mentors.

If you're better at evaluating business plans than teaching kids how to read, you'll love our next volunteer opportunity for baby boomers.