How to Volunteer to Help Children

Tutoring Children

Many children are getting adequate food, but they're not getting an adequate education.

Tutoring children doesn't require you to be an expert in any field -- children at all grade levels need help. And now, through the wonders of technology, you can even tutor a child across the country.

Online tutoring has become an alternative to home tutoring, allowing volunteers to reach more children than ever before. The tutor and child won't get quality face-to-face time, of course, but it does allow a higher level of flexibility and convenience. It's obviously a lot easier to figure out when and where to meet. There is a variety of online tutoring programs, so you may have to do a little bit of homework to find an organization that works for you.

But if you want to stick with old-school methods of tutoring, there are always local organizations that will link you with a child in need. Cabrini Connections, which is featured on Oprah's Angel Network Web site, is a great example of a local organization getting a lot of media attention. But you can always start small by signing up with a school in your area. Many schools, at any age level, provide tutoring, and they're always looking for a person who wants to devote time and attention to their students.

No matter what route you decide to take, always keep in mind that tutoring consists of building a relationship with your student and communicating with the parents. When you put these rules into practice, you'll discover that perfect test scores in high school are not the only criteria for a good mentor.

Tutoring can be a great opportunity to reach children. For more options, read on to learn about helping disabled children.