How Volunteer Vacations Work

Volunteer Vacations in Africa

Africa is an amazing continent. Its breathtaking, wild terrain is filled with fascinating wildlife, remote villages and beautiful people. For decades, people have been encouraging volunteerism and fundraising efforts in the various countries of Africa. There is a lot of work to be done and you can help.

The overriding need in many African countries is education and prevention of HIV/AIDS. According to the World Health Organization, 60 percent of reported HIV/AIDS cases come from sub-Saharan Africa [source: WHO]. Volunteering to help with HIV/AIDS patients comes in many forms. If you have medical experience, you can volunteer to help by setting up or working at a local medical facility. You can also work towards HIV/AIDS prevention by volunteering to teach sex education classes.

If medical work is not your thing, you can volunteer in Africa to help communities overcome poverty through education and training opportunities [source: UNV]. You can volunteer at a school, provide continuing education for adults, teach English as a second language or provide books and recreational items for teachers and students. Another way to help is to enhance the community through digging wells, opening community centers or building homes and businesses. You can also work with the United Nations World Food Programme to provide food and nutritional information to countries throughout the continent [source: WFP].

If you aren't ready to travel abroad, you can volunteer locally. Read on to learn about volunteer vacations in the United States.