10 Workplace Myths


Blanketing the Town with Your Résumé Will Get You a Job

Don't let your resume go straight to the trash! Make it stand out without wiping out.
Don't let your resume go straight to the trash! Make it stand out without wiping out.
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If you're anxious to enter the workforce, or if you're just looking for that new opportunity, the most essential tool in your kit is your resume. Recruiters use resumes to find qualified people for particular jobs, and employers use resumes to filter out the candidates they want to interview. So, the more résumés you send out, the better, right?

Not really, no.

Like any good tool, a résumé is best if it's of good quality and custom-fitted to the job. Start by honing in on the jobs you're really interested in, and take time to shape your résumé so it features your qualifications for those jobs. Be sure to use terminology specific to the job you want, and make doubly sure you have correct grammar and spelling throughout. Of course, don't forget to add a professional cover letter written specifically for each employer to whom you're sending your résumé. The extra attention could mean the difference between the interview and the trash.

Since it's difficult to get noticed by résumé alone, more people are using networking to find jobs. This author and her colleagues had greater success getting an interview when they had a personal connection who could put in a good recommendation. Web sites like LinkedIn can help you organize those connections over time so you have them when you need them. Plus, some people are finding success looking for a job on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook [source: Kiviat].