Are there telecommuting employment agencies?

Yes, there certainly are telecommuting employment agencies out there, and they're pretty easy to find. All you have to do is put "telecommuting employment agencies" into a search engine and you'll be provided with an extensive listing of agencies that are looking for employees, such as Elance and oDesk. In addition to legitimate agencies, there are also scams. If an agency asks you to send them money to register as an employee or as a provider of work, beware. You shouldn't have to pay money before getting a job or a worker, as the agency gets paid by taking off a certain percentage (often around 10 percent) of the hourly fee or the per-job fee.

If you're looking for work, a reputable agency will want to see your resume and qualifications, and it may offer you the opportunity to take a number of free tests to display your skills on your profile. If you're looking for freelance workers, the agency should check out your business and sign a contract with you. With Elance, for instance, your company has to put the money to be paid to the worker in an escrow account that gets turned over to the worker once the job is finished; with oDesk, you don't have to pay until the work is done. While some companies prefer to deal with workers who are located in the same time zone for easier communication, other companies would rather have workers in different time zones so the sun will never set on their empire.


Some sites, including ClickNwork, enjoy having a global workforce, and others such as Workaholics4Hire allow potential telecommuters to score themselves on whether or not they have the character traits necessary for successfully working at home, such as being self-motivated, organized and persevering. Many opportunities are out there for hard workers who want to telecommute.