5 Tips for Organizing a Job Search Online

Use Job Search Organization Sites
Some sites help out with the organization process.
Some sites help out with the organization process.
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If you struggle to stay organized and remember everything that needs to be done in the complicated process that is job hunting, consider using a Web site dedicated to job search organization. These sites, which are often free for at least some basic services, allow you to collect all your information in one place.

Popular examples of such sites include JibberJobber.com and JobKatch.com, which manage your job search and help you track your relationships with professional contacts. Set tasks and reminders for yourself through these sites so you don't forget to follow up on job postings you've found and applications you've sent.

Another site, Becomed.com, allows you to set personal goals for yourself, like applying to a certain number of jobs per month, and keep track of how you're doing. For every job you want to apply for, you can record the information where you found the posting.

One extra advantage to using such organization sites is that it provides evidence that you're actively looking for work, which helps when seeking unemployment assistance [source: Waldman].

Don't fool yourself into thinking organization is more trouble than it's worth. In a difficult market, as your job hunt is likely to take some time, organization can only help you as you get further in your search. Why not take advantage of every tool the Internet has to offer?

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