5 Tips for Organizing a Job Search Online


Visit Job Search Sites Daily

Bookmark the career sites you like the most, and visit them often.
Bookmark the career sites you like the most, and visit them often.
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Once you've updated your resume and begun planning how you'll organize your search, you need to launch the job hunt as soon as possible. The Web offers a slew of services dedicated to posting jobs. Top sites include Monster.com, Craigslist.com, Indeed.com and CareerBuilder.com, among others. Within these sites, you can search for specific job titles or general industries.

Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com allow you not only to look for jobs but also post your resume for employers to find. Craigslist.com is a simple Web version of local newspaper classifieds. Indeed.com includes postings from company Web sites and job boards, in addition to providing useful information like salary averages and industry trends.

Alongside these sites, it's wise to use a job site that is dedicated to posting job listings in your particular industry or field of expertise. Niche sites are available for everyone from day care professionals (Care.com) to workers with security clearances (ClearedConnections.com).

Whatever sites you do use, be sure to check them daily so you can pounce on job postings quickly -- before the job gets filled.