5 Tips for Organizing a Job Search Online


Create Electronic Resumes and Cover Letters

Even in the Internet Age, certain things haven't changed. Most employers still require resumes (and often cover letters, as well) as a first measure for considering you as an applicant. However, they now ask that you send your resume electronically. This may be through their own system on their Web site, though a job site or via email. You should keep a good, up-to-date copy of your resume and cover letter in a computer folder that's easy to find. It's best to construct and save it in Microsoft Word, because most employers use this format. Experts say you can either copy and paste the cover letter into a body of an e-mail (without any special formatting) or attach it as a separate document.

Employers like to see that you have a personal interest in their open position. They want applicants who sincerely believe they're well-suited for the job. To convey interest in the particular company and position, you need to customize your resume and a cover letter for each job application.

This is where organization is key. Sending a customized resume to each company means saving a template of a generic resume, and then saving each customized version separately. Should you ever get called up for an interview, you'll want to be able to find that particular version of the resume you sent.