10 Ways to Spot the Wrong Job for You


You're Being Interrogated

Your tenth interview with a prospective company is going into its fourth hour. You've met with the human resources representative, your hiring manager, the district manager, all of your direct reports, the guy who sweeps the bathroom floors and the woman who runs the lunch counter downstairs.

During each of these grueling interviews, you've been grilled in almost unimaginable ways. Every job you've ever held (including the paper route you had when you were seven) has been picked apart and analyzed. Every former employer has been called. You've been submitted to medical exams and asked to offer up numerous body fluid samples.

Still, the company isn't sure about you.

Well, you can be sure. This isn't the company for you. The way they've treated you during the job interview is a pretty good indication of how they're going to treat you once you're hired -- if you ever do get hired. Or, there's the flip side of that scenario...