10 Ways to Spot the Wrong Job for You


Your Co-Workers are Awful

As you're being led down the hall to your job interview, you notice a few employees looking at you. Actually, they're not looking -- they're glaring. Are you about to squeeze them out of a prime position? Was the last person who held the job evil, and they're already wary of you? Is your fly down?

If you're not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling from your future co-workers, you can expect about the same reception when you start the job. For some reason, they've decided they don't like the looks of you, and it probably won't get any better once you've settled into the position.

Think about this as you endure their withering stares: You're going to have to spend the vast majority of your days with these people. If they hate you (or vice versa), those days aren't going to be particularly pleasant. Find a job where you can make friends -- not enemies -- with your colleagues.