How to Host a Successful Audio Web Event

Companies use audio Web conferences for radio interviews, sales meetings and product launches.
Companies use audio Web conferences for radio interviews, sales meetings and product launches.
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You're a sales manager with a team of two dozen salespeople spread across the country. Your company is rolling out a new product that will have a major impact on its strategy in the coming months. It's critical that your sales team understands the nuances of the new product, as well as how it fits in with the company's strategy. It's up to you get the message out, fast.

Or, you're part of the CEO's team, with a staff of hundreds to reach. You've got to find a way to communicate with the far-flung audience, but you don't want to take them out of the field or pay the expenses of organizing a major face-to-face.­

These situations are common to business people today, where fast, efficient communication is imperative to success. Such tasks once were accomplished with clunky technology, but today's business leaders use audio Web conferenceing and seminars to stay in touch with their staff.

Audio Internet events, such as conferencing or seminars, provide a simple and convenient method for bringing people together. Whether you need to pull one together on short notice or you have weeks to plan, figuring out some important parameters will help ensure your event's success. Planning is key to a successful audio Web conference, just as planning it is essential for any meeting or event.

You need to think about issues such as whom it is you're involving, how many people and at how many sites? What technology platforms do they use? You'll also need to consider how long the conference or seminar should last and, of course, your budget.

In this article, we'll discuss planning successful audio Internet business conferencing such as a conference or seminar. We'll look at the issues involved and give some examples of technology companies that host audio Internet events.