How Online Presentations Work

Using Google Docs for Online Presentations

With Google Docs, multiple users can work on and share presentations.
With Google Docs, multiple users can work on and share presentations.
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Online presentations can be shared with Google Docs, a Web-based program that makes it easier and more efficient for groups to collaborate.­

Google Docs allows participants to store documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more at a secure online site, where they can be accessed by those who have permission. The free service allows users to create these items in their account or upload them from outside the service. Once an item is uploaded, its creator or anyone with permission can work on it online using any browser. The service provides real-time collaboration, which allows several users to work on an item simultaneously and keeps track of what changes each party makes.

It's easy to use Google Docs for online presentations. Google Docs allows the user to import existing presentations, including those in Microsoft PowerPoint and others. Users can edit presentations using a "what you see is what you get" type editing programs, inserting images and formatting slides to fit their vision. It also allows users to present real-time presentations for invited guests at various locations (provided they have a standard Internet browsing connection) and also allows a presenter to publish their work on the Web, allowing the entire Internet community access. The entire process operates from a familiar desktop arrangement, which makes the new program comfortable for the user.

Because Google Docs is supported by Google, users can use the popular search engine to find a document from their past. Security features allow the administrator to choose which parties have access to what item and when. They also can set further restrictions on internal and external document sharing and can change those at any time.

Google Docs supports most common Web browsers, including Explorer, Netscape and Mozilla Firefox.

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