How to Join/Host a Conference Call Using Your Mobile Device

Hosting a Conference Call

Hosting conference calls from a mobile device can be simple.
Hosting conference calls from a mobile device can be simple.
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You're off site at a project that's running over budget; the client wants massive changes -- and key suppliers are late with materials. You need to host a conference call fast with everyone to get this project back on track -- and you realize you'll probably be hosting the conference from your mobile device. What are your options?

Conference calls are easier to host from a landline, no doubt about it, so that's the first option you should consider in deciding how to host a conference call. Sound quality is better, more hosting software is available and companies that offer conference call hosting can provide you with a wider variety of services.


You also have to consider your mobile device's limitations. Many aren't set up to allow more than five or six participants in a conference. Also in most cases you can't record a conference call from your mobile device -- unless you use a hosting company.

If you need to forge ahead with hosting a conference call from your mobile device, making a simple conference call is fairly easy. And more complete hosting options are becoming available to help you as technology improves.

For example, Ring2 Conferencing from Ring2 Communications lets Blackberry and Windows Mobile PDA users be conference call leaders. After joining the conference call from anywhere on his or her mobile device, the call leader can:

  • See a real-time list of participants as they join or leave the call
  • Ensure nobody is listening in who shouldn't be
  • Add missing participants from the mobile device's address book
  • Mute participants with distracting background noise
  • Record the call and download it as an MP3 file after the call

UK-based ROK Corp. is beta testing another mobile conferencing solution, ROK Talk, which allows the conference host to talk to 30 people simultaneously, working off the mobile device's contact list. ROK Talk also uses the contacts list to manage invitations and introductions and allows in-call conference control from the mobile device.

Given the growing popularity of mobile devices and conference calling, conferencing solutions are bound to improve with new and developing technology.

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