5 Ways Social Networking Can Help Your Career


Discover Career Paths You Hadn't Thought Of

Opportunities sometimes show up everywhere you look.
Opportunities sometimes show up everywhere you look.

When you're focused on the responsibilities of your current job, sometimes it's easy to overlook opportunities waiting around the corner. Your social network can help you stay in touch with these opportunities. This could mean doing the same job in a new scenario, or taking a completely new path you'd never considered.

To make these discoveries, start by staying informed about those in your social network who have the same or similar career paths to your own. For example, if you're a nurse, look to those who are nurses or have a nursing background. If you're looking to go on a new path, including changing your career altogether, look to those who are already on that path.

After you've identified those in your social network who are the same career path, find out more about their experiences. Look at where they go, listen to what they think about each job and each employer, and learn about the innovative ideas they're pursuing. You might discover ways you can contribute to their work, like offering your sales experience to help a former colleague starting a new business. Plus, you may be inspired to link multiple skills into a single career, like combining music and marketing skills to create catchy jingles.

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