10 Ways to Market an Online Business

Email Lists
Compile an email list so you can send out newsletters to your subscribers. Gavin Dunt/iStock/Thinkstock

Your email list is another indirect but powerful marketing instrument. If you don't have an email list, stop what you're doing and create a sign-up on your site right now — there are umpteen templates and providers that can help with this task. When people subscribe, you'll build up an invaluable database of interested customers. But of course, the list itself isn't the magic bullet. It's what you do with the list that counts.

E-newsletters are the most obvious and effective use for your email list. Even if you're not up for blogging, you can surely churn out a periodic email newsletter to let your fans know what you've been up to, invite them to industry events and share links to interesting articles. You can also do email blasts with offers and freebies for your loyal customers.

But there's a fine line between staying fresh in your customers' minds and annoying them. A monthly newsletter with attention-grabbing tidbits and company happenings is much better than a sparse, uninteresting weekly newsletter. After a while, you should be able to figure out the best balance.