10 Ways to Market an Online Business

Consider taking time to create a captivating blog that your audience will appreciate. anyaberkut/iStock/Thinkstock

If you have a way with words and the discipline to post regularly, a blog can be an extremely effective marketing and sales tool. Direct sales isn't everyone's forte, and blogging is a great way to attract viewers without feeling like you're being pushy or too "sales-y." It's also one of the most valuable techniques for connecting with your customers and giving a personal voice to your brand.

But you do have to be dedicated: Phoning in a few boring posts a month isn't going to cut it. Many blogs peter out quickly because it's so difficult to keep up the pace and provide interesting, quality content on a regular basis. You need to write in an engaging, consistent voice (you won't get social media shares with humdrum posts), and it really helps to be prolific. According to marketing company Hubspot, bloggers who post six to eight times per month get twice the leads of those who post three to five times a month. Once you're in the swing of things, connect with other bloggers in your field, who can link back to you and perhaps invite you to guest post, both of which will improve your status with search engines.

All that said, if you don't truly enjoy writing about yourself or communicating your ideas in writing, you should probably try to find a different way to get those leads.