10 UAV Jobs of the Future

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How to Answer the Dreaded Question 'What Are Your Salary Requirements?'

How to Answer the Dreaded Question 'What Are Your Salary Requirements?'

HowStuffWorks looks at the difference between the salary history and the salary requirements question in job interviews and how to answer them.

Author's Note: 10 UAV Jobs of the Future

I'll admit it, drones freak me out. There's just something about an insect-like robot hovering 2 feet over my head that screams "futuristic surveillance state!" I'm not super-psyched about a world in which Amazon delivery drones darken the skies like a swarm of UPS locusts. Or a future reality in which urban street corners are policed by the glowing red eyes of airborne security cameras. Commercial drones absolutely have their place – search and rescue seems like a no-brainer – but I'm actually with the FAA on this one. Let's make sure these drones are safe and that privacy is well-protected before setting them loose in America's skies.

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