10 Tips for Maintaining a Professional Image Online


Privacy is Still Real -- If You Want It

The best way to avoid tarnishing a professional reputation is to keep certain things from hitting the Internet.
The best way to avoid tarnishing a professional reputation is to keep certain things from hitting the Internet.

These days, embarrassing photos, stories and outright violations of privacy are so common that once the initial shock wears off, the online community offers a collective shrug. Many tech pundits and journalists then proffer two perfunctory statements -- this kind of thing happens to everyone eventually, and thanks to the Internet and ubiquitous camera technology, privacy doesn't really exist anymore.

These kinds of over-generalized statements simply aren't entirely true. The more content you blast onto the Internet, the more pieces of your personal puzzle you're offering to complete strangers.

In other words, don't throw your arms up in exasperation and totally give up on the idea of controlling your online image. With a little personal restraint and friends who respect your efforts to manage your online reputation, you can keep damage to a minimum and really put a shine on your expertise in the process.

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