10 Thirsty Jobs for Beverage Snobs

Tea Taster
Gather 'round, tea aficionados. There's a new occupation on the block that will certainly 'wet' your palate. Jupiterimages/Thinkstock

Tea is a way of life for many cultures. It's a civilized break during the day, a time to drink a hot cup of tea and take a few minutes to de-stress. With the hundreds of flavors and varieties of teas in the world, you could probably drink a different variety every day before finding a favorite. We think we found the ultimate tea lover's job.

In September 2014, the Tetley tea company put out a job call for two people to travel around the world, tasting tea. The people hired for this trainee tea buyer position would taste up to 500 different tea brews a day in countries like Kenya, India, Uganda and Tanzania [source: Victor]. One hire, a philosophy graduate, said that math and people skills are important, since the tasters also purchase the tea from factories and at auction. It takes about five years to become an expert [source: Tims]. What better job for a tea aficionado?