10 Thirsty Jobs for Beverage Snobs

Did you know you could turn your love for wine into a career? Just make sure your palate is up for the challenge. Minerva Studio/Thinkstock

Are you a wine connoisseur? Serious wine lovers can turn their love of the grape into a career. Not only must they be able to taste the distinction between different varietals and types of wines, but also be willing to go through the process of becoming a sommelier — a wine professional who typically works in a fine restaurant, choosing the perfect wines. Master sommeliers go through a more grueling certification process, which is why there are so few masters in the world.

As a sommelier, you get to taste some of the most rare and most expensive wines in the world, pairing them with gourmet food from the finest chefs. Some sommeliers stick with one restaurant, some move from place to place and some travel internationally to visit popular wine-growing regions and vineyards. If you work at a restaurant, you have input on the menu as you pair wines with featured dishes on the menu. You also craft the wine list and arrange tastings for the public or private wine clubs. A seasoned sommelier may even meet with celebrities to personally choose wine for their collections.