10 Thirsty Jobs for Beverage Snobs

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How to Answer the Dreaded Question 'What Are Your Salary Requirements?'

How to Answer the Dreaded Question 'What Are Your Salary Requirements?'

HowStuffWorks looks at the difference between the salary history and the salary requirements question in job interviews and how to answer them.

Author’s note: 10 Thirsty Jobs for Beverage Snobs

Now here's a career path this author can get behind. As a fan of wine, I never realized you could work with wine without first training to be a sommelier. Of course, I'd have to work on my palate and probably move to the West Coast, but I'm okay with that. Learning about specific wines and how they're made, doing research, tasting — these are a few of my favorite things. And, I'm rather comfortable with being called a snob. How about you? What's your poison?

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