10 Thirsty Jobs for Beverage Snobs

Tasting Room Host
Tasting room hosts have to know more than whether a wine is red or white, and the major differences between the different methods used to make them. Ariel Skelley/Getty Images

Many wineries feature tasting rooms, where visitors can taste and learn about the various wines. The tasting room host offers up these wines, providing information about each one. This information isn't just, "This one's red, and this one's white." Tasting room hosts have an exhaustive knowledge about the vineyard, the subtle differences between each wine, how they're made and what foods they're best paired with. The host is almost like a sommelier for a specific winery and can in fact be a step to becoming a full-fledged sommelier. Tasting room hosts also get to meet interesting people with the same passion for wine.

Many wineries have their tasting room hosts undergo rigorous training. They learn the history of the winery, all the wines and how they're made, and even the soil and the grape picking process. Some wineries have their hosts take regular blind taste tests of their wine so they can develop a refined level of expertise [source: Gerakaris].

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