10 Thirsty Jobs for Beverage Snobs

Can you taste the subtle notes in your wine? Do you get the different hints of flavor in your beer? There may be a job that can utilize your natural abilities! nyul/Thinkstock

Whether it's wine, coffee, beer or tea, we all have a favorite beverage. And at some point we've probably been accused of being a snob about it. But what's wrong with being a snob if you just want to drink something you love, right?

If you pore over the wine menu at restaurants, special order your favorite teas because you just can't find them locally or search out the best and latest craft beers, you just might be a beverage snob. So why not take your passion seriously and make a living out of it? Here's a list of 10 jobs suited for those who like to imbibe both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.