10 Most Stressful Jobs in America


Newspaper Reporter

The newspaper reporter's job includes many of the classic causes of stress. The types of stress may vary depending upon what the reporter covers. A police reporter who goes out to crime scenes may be in more physical danger than, say, a reporter who covers fashion. But most reporters work long hours for relatively low pay. Their schedules are apt to change with little notice - they fully expect to work on weekends and holidays. They usually have firm deadlines to meet and editors breathing down their necks. With such tight deadlines, mistakes can and will be made. And when a newspaper reporter makes a mistake, it's out there in print for everyone to see and ridicule. Reporters rarely have the opportunity to rest and savor their successes; they're always under pressure to come up with the next idea, the next lead and the next story.

In recent years, the job has become even more stressful for two reasons. One is that the public holds newspaper reporters, along with other news media, in low esteem, and reporters often face intense (and often unfair) public criticism as a result. The other is that the newspaper business is struggling to adapt to the Internet age, so layoffs are widespread. Many reporters either have lost jobs or are worried about losing their jobs. Those who still have jobs find their workloads heavier because there are fewer reporters on staff.

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