10 Most Stressful Jobs in America


Corporate Executive

Many lists of stressful jobs include business leaders, whether they're identified as chief executive officers, advertising account executives or some other high-level corporate executive.

These lucrative, white-collar jobs might seem highly desirable, but the big checks come with a price. The hours are likely to be long, and what looks like relaxation is often really networking. The competition with other corporations and with colleagues can be cutthroat. Salespeople are under constant pressure to bring in more business and more revenue. Those at the top must try to keep a lot of people with different interests happy, from shareholders to employees. Increasingly, there's also public scrutiny to worry about, with questions about such issues as ethics, diversity and environmental responsibility.

If a top executive gets a lot of the credit for success, he or she also may get all the blame for failure, or even for less-than-expected success. Any top executive knows that he or she could be out of a job with short notice. Even having a so-called golden parachute severance package is little consolation for someone whose life has been defined by a high-level job.

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