10 Jobs That Will Take You on Wild Adventures

Marine Biologist
Marine biologists holding coral — Maldives © Massimo Brega/The Lighthouse//Vi/Visuals Unlimited/Corbis

Marine biology is the study of plant, animal and microscopic life in the ocean. With pollution and climate change affecting our environment, our marine life also experiences changes. A marine biologist studies these changes and works to address problems. As 80 percent of all life on the planet is found underwater, consider this an important job [source: IMarEST].

As a marine biologist you can find yourself out at sea, working in the field collecting samples and logging hours back in the lab to compile the results of your research. Marine biology offers so many career tracks, opportunities abound for almost anything. Building artificial reefs, designing marine reserves, mapping the geographical area of a species, studying the effects of pollution or chemicals on marine life — the specialties are vast, just like the ocean. And, depending on your interests, you can even take a job in a research capacity, as an environmentalist or as a consultant. Expect to get your feet wet!