10 Jobs That Will Take You on Wild Adventures

Wildland Firefighter
Firefighters battle the Woodhouse fire, also being called the Calimesa fire, in San Timoteo Canyon on Oct. 6, 2005, near Calimesa, California. David McNew/Getty Images

A huge threat to our national forests, wildfires cost U.S. federal agencies over a billion dollars per year [source: Job Monkey]. It makes sense, then, that wildland firefighting requires a huge amount of manpower, especially during wildfire season, when forests are dry and ripe for burning. These seasonal jobs take you right into the belly of the beast — fighting fires as well as aiding in preventing them. In addition to specialized firefighter training, you must also be extremely physically fit for this job.

You can take many different jobs in this field. A forestry aide works in fire prevention, thinning brush, digging ditches (to stop fires from moving forward) and conducting controlled burns. "Hotshot crews" set up fire control lines, suppress ground fires, implement fire prevention techniques and may assist in search and rescue operations. Smokejumpers have one of the more dangerous firefighter jobs. They typically travel to specific fires, rather than work in one place. They provide the initial response and jump from aircraft right into forest fires to fight them from within. If you're looking for adventure, you've found it here.