10 Fun Careers in Medicine

Biomedical Engineer
Senior Biomedical Engineer Alice Kwan demonstrates the Scanadu SCOUT in January 2013. The SCOUT was designed to measure vital signs like blood pressure and pulse and was part of a competition to invent a medical tricorder. © Kim Kulish/Corbis

Surgeons, anesthesiologists and OB/GYNs might get paid the most for their medical skills, but the highest-paying careers aren't always the most fun ones. For instance, there's one group of experts who get to make artificial organs and body parts: biomedical engineers.

Just as some engineers design automotive solutions and others specialize in aeronautics or computer sciences, some engineers apply their technological skills and their medical and biological expertise to analyzing problems and opportunities, coming up with solutions for health care technology. When they aren't designing cancer-fighting artificial lymph nodes or researching how a memory prosthetic (silicon chips that can help the brain create long-term memories) might work for dementia patients, biomedical engineers also create computer models and develop diagnostic and therapeutic devices and software.