10 Fun Careers in Medicine

A nutritionist can help you put together an eating plan that bolsters your health and well-being. © Helen King/Corbis

While Americans don't eat enough good fruits, vegetables and whole grains, they do eat about 100 pounds of sugar, 85 pounds of fats and 31 pounds of cheese every year [source: Aubrey]. And experts on food and nutrition want to change that.

Dieticians and nutritionists both specialize in designing and implementing nutrition programs to help us meet our weight or lifestyle goals; to help us heal, manage or prevent some diseases (such as type 2 diabetes); and to help us be smarter about our overall health. They also assist in meal planning for people with special dietary needs including food allergies or sensitivities (such as celiac disease or lactose intolerance), patients undergoing medical treatments (such as people with heart disease who might need a special low-sodium diet), those with nutritional deficits (such as post-gastric bypass patients), and those addressing eating disorders and obesity.