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Reusable grocery bags are wonderful. I have three—one's a tote bag from the West Hollywood Public Library, one's a non-descript plain white bag whose provenance I couldn't begin to guess at, and the third's a tote bag my company gave me with its name emblazoned on the side.

Talk about your green advertising. Whether you're a major law firm or a tiny bakery, help your employees reduce the number of plastic bags they use and save them the money a tote costs by buying them tote bags with the company's name and log on the side. In return, your company gets free advertising every time your employee goes grocery shopping, which for most people is a weekly endeavor.

Plenty of Websites offer personalized tote bags, and the prices range from less than two dollars on up. More high-end personalized totes are also available.

Don't go overboard in ordering, then you're just contributing waste, but get a reasonable number for a great gift to your employees that they can reuse, helps the earth, and hey, helps you (the company) a little bit too.