Tips for Buying Sports Gear for the Whole Family

A great sport for families, skiing can also empty your wallet quickly.


These days, the role of parents includes wearing many hats: chef, maid, launderer and homework guru are just a few of them. With all the extra-curricular activities kids are involved in, some of the most prevalent roles may include chauffer, coach and cheerleader, too. And it may cost a small fortune to outfit your kids for the many sports they're involved in.

On top of your kids pursuits, keeping yourself and your spouse healthy and fit can be expensive, too. You can go the cheap route, which usually means a nice pair of running shoes. Or, you might spend a few thousand dollars on a treadmill, weight bench, various yoga mats, and that oversized bouncy ball. Before you go out and indulge your newest kettlebell fantasy, check out these tips for buying sports gear for the whole family.