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5 Frugal Living Ideas You'd Never Think Of

Everyone wants to save money, but you may have to start thinking outside the box to do so.
Everyone wants to save money, but you may have to start thinking outside the box to do so.
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There are plenty of reasons to live a more frugal lifestyle. You might be saving up for a big vacation or new car. Maybe you want to reject consumerism and trim unnecessary expenses from your life. It could be that times are tough and everyone has to make sacrifices somewhere. Or maybe there are simply other things you'd rather be spending your money on. Whatever the reason, you've decided to make personal budget cuts and keep more money in your own pocket.

The problem is, once you've cut back on restaurant visits, transferred your debt to a lower-interest credit card and gotten that latte habit under control, where else can you cut? At some point you get the absolute necessities, and you can't cut those. Can you?

You can get by with a lot less than you think you need and manage the things you can't cut (food, transportation to work) for much less than you're paying right now. Serious frugality, however, can get tricky. Not every plan to save money works out. If you've got a few tools and know what you're doing, changing your own oil can save you $10 to $15 every few months. If not, you might be better off having it done professionally -- especially if your mechanical ineptitude might damage your car.

What are the best ways to save money? And what are the most efficient methods to accomplish this level of extreme budget cutting? Let's start by putting our green thumbs to work.

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