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5 Coupon Strategies That Go Beyond the Grocery Store

Coupons are no longer just for discounts on cans of tuna.
Coupons are no longer just for discounts on cans of tuna.

Who doesn't love a bargain? Aside from the many, many people who really need to save money right now, there are others who simply object to paying full price. It's the principle.

What grocery stores have known for decades, others are just waking up to: Offer coupons and they will come. Retailers, restaurants, travel agencies, river-rafting companies and spas, to name a very few, have jumped into the coupon realm in new and innovative ways.

If you've so far only experienced the thrill of 79 cent tuna and doubled-up discounts on eggs, you're in for a nice surprise. Coupons are everywhere and you can find them for everything, and in some cases, there's a bit of excitement added to the process of stickin' it to retail.

Here, five ways to snag coupons that have nothing to do with groceries and don't require scissors.

First, a basic retailer necessity can actually end up saving you cash ...

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