Logging is tough work! Join American Loggers in these videos to learn about the trade.
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American Loggers: A Nasty Corner
A logging truck goes off the road at a dangerous corner, which has claimed many victims and is universally loathed by all of the drivers. See this video from Discovery Channel's "American Loggers."
American Loggers: A Nasty Corner
A logging truck goes off the road at a dangerous corner, which has claimed many victims and is universally loathed by all of the drivers. See this video from Discovery Channel's "American Loggers."
American Loggers: A Terrible Accident
This is the story of one of the worst accidents in the history of the Pelletier company.
American Loggers: Avoiding Disaster
Instead of bringing relief, the sight of the winter sun brings anxiety to the haulers.
American Loggers: Break Down
One of the newest trucks in the fleet has broken down for the last time. It's the moment of reckoning for number 82.
American Loggers: Brotherly Bridge
Fixing a busted bridge is no problem for Larry Pelletier, but he'd rather not have boss and elder brother Eldon around.
American Loggers: Closing A Chance
Before closing down a harvesting site, the entire area must be thoroughly checked for any cut timber that may have been left behind.
American Loggers: Double Trouble
Driving the only two trailers pulling doubles, Lester and Wayne start up a friendly competition to see which rig can haul the biggest load.
American Loggers: Dust Hazards
Maintaining private roads is just one of the many duties a logging company performs on each job site, and dust suppression is a very important aspect.
American Loggers: Eldon's Priorities
Eldon Pelletier's frustration grows when he realizes Jeff and Donny haven't fixed the machines that are top priorities.
American Loggers: Episode 58
Tune in for a closer look at the cast of American Loggers in this clip from Discovery.
American Loggers: Episode 59
Tune in for a closer look at the cast of American Loggers in this clip from Discovery.
American Loggers: Fanning Out
The Pellitier brothers set out to clear the roads for the haulers after eight rollovers.
American Loggers: Feeling The Pressure
Scott Dionne and Stevie White are feeling the pressure of the big push.
American Loggers: Icy Roads and a New Hire
The Pelletiers hire a new driver to take charge of the jinxed number 71 truck while the seasoned haulers tackle icy roads. See this video from Discovery Channel's "American Loggers."
American Loggers: Jackknifed
Derrick "The Preacher" Barnett reflects on his last haul in his rig, as he jackknifed off the road.
American Loggers: Last Straw
Stranded in the wilderness with a broken machine and no help from the company, one logger has had enough.
American Loggers: Misstep
Clint Theriault has been trucking wood on the golden road for decades and has seen his fair share of trouble. Watch as this reenactment shows his slip up from the other day.
American Loggers: Mutiny Afoot
Eldon Pelletier gets a very cool response to his order calling for the truckers to pack sleeping bags and be prepared to spend nights at the woods' camps. See this video from Discovery Channel's "American Loggers."
American Loggers: New Business
This is the beginning of a new business for the Pelletiers'. They've found a niche making safety barriers for big rigs.
American Loggers: New Machine
An investment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars demands some assurances on the part of the seller. That's why the Pelletiers have decided to take this new logging machine for a test drive before they dive in.
American Loggers: Night Shift at 45 Below
A seasoned cutting crew heads out to work in Arctic-like weather that's cold enough to make steel as brittle as candy. See this video from Discovery Channel's "American Loggers."
American Loggers: Perfectionists
A routine checkup on one of the Pelletiers work sites reveals the value of one of the best contract crews the company has on the books.
American Loggers: Plumbing Problems
Larry Pelletier manages the Telos camp and finds himself in a bit of a mess.
American Loggers: Preventative Maintenance
Check out what the house mechanics are up to when the shop is slow. It's time to do some tire maintenance, old-school style.
American Loggers: Processor Field Surgery
Working far from the Millinocket shop, processor operator Scott Dionne is saved by fully-stocked service truck.
American Loggers: Pulp Wood Load
Catch a closer look at American Loggers in this exclusive clip from Discovery.
American Loggers: Revolving Door
Rookie loggers riddle the season but a former employee returns.
American Loggers: Slippery Slope
Winter is one of the better times of year, as far as business goes. However, it can cause serious problems with equipment on the roads.
American Loggers: Straight to the Top
A company employee brings his complaint about not receiving his promised raise straight to Eldon.
American Loggers: Stressing Out
Catch a closer look at American Loggers in this exclusive clip from Discovery.
American Loggers: The Old Fashioned Way
Catch a closer look at American Loggers in this exclusive clip from Discovery.
American Loggers: Three-Man Team
Catch a closer look at American Loggers in this exclusive clip from Discovery.
American Loggers: Tight Fit
Danny attempts to cross a snow covered bridge just two inches wider than his load.
American Loggers: Unbearable Freeze
With temperatures well below zero degrees, the loggers struggle to work effectively in the extreme cold.
American Loggers: Why Chainsaws Went Away
A tragic accident involving one of their workers leads the Pelletiers to end the use of chainsaws for most logging operations. See this video from Discovery Channel's "American Loggers."
American Loggers: Wood Shortage
Ideal hauling conditions have been too much of a good thing - non-stop trucking combined with broken down harvesters have left a shortage of wood on the ground.
Hazard Pay: Curt Works as a Logger
On the Discovery Channel's series "Hazard Pay," host Curt Doussett goes to work for a timber company and learns what it is like to work one of the most dangerous jobs in the world...with saws, falling trees, and huge blades.
Hazard Pay: Hidden Dangers in the Saw Mill
On Discovery Channel's show "Hazard Pay," host Curt Doussett goes to work inside a saw mill, learning about the obvious as well as the hidden dangers of the head saw and swing saw, which are used for cutting timber.
Howe and Howe Tech: Buggy Logging Challenge
Several years into buggy development, Mike and Geoff rig one of the buggies as a log skidder to demonstrate its raw power and stability.
HowStuffWorks Show: Episode 3: Tree Harvesting
Trees can grow anywhere. This can sometimes cause a problem for harvesting. Watch how loggers airlift the timber from hard to reach areas on the "HowStuffWorks" show on Discovery Channel.
Sarah Palin's Alaska: Logger for a Day
Sarah gets a shot at being a logger for a day. Find out if she likes the career change.
Swamp Brothers: Bogged Down
As the day progresses, ice gives way to wet and muddy conditions that threaten to swallow the massive rigs whole.
Swamp Brothers: Freak Snow Storm
Bobby's crew wakes up to a rare snow storm with blizzard conditions, making work extremely difficult and dangerous.
Swamp Brothers: Pick Up Sticks
Bobby arrives on the deck to find an upset group of neighboring landowners.
Swamp Brothers: Pushing Through
Bobby's business is in trouble, and he needs his crew to perform at their best to make up for losses.
Swamp Loggers: Fiery Tire Change
Justin explains how a little bit of ether and a lighter can help inflate truck tires if you don't blow yourself up.
Swamp Loggers: A Friendly Visit
On their way home from work, these loggers make a pit stop to see hoe Bo's recovery is coming along.
Swamp Loggers: A Muddy Mess
Between flat tires and muddy roads, these loggers are having a bit of trouble getting their work done.
Swamp Loggers: A Tar Heel's Sad Duty
After several weeks of limping along, Bobby finally has to temporarily shut down the business due to cutbacks in mill orders.
Swamp Loggers: A Young Hero
Bobby and Justin remember back when eleven-year-old Justin saved his father after he had been badly injured and pinned down by a trailer.
Swamp Loggers: Bad News
Bobby gets a call that the mill is halting pulp wood orders and may close down.
Swamp Loggers: Battle For The Roads
Bobby and his crew just can't beat the wet weather that keeps turning the roads into vehicle traps.
Swamp Loggers: BBQ Bash
Bo's friends and family throw a BBQ bash to wish him a speedy recovery from a serious gallbladder infection.
Swamp Loggers: Beaver Dam Blues
Bobby can't do much about the weather or mill orders but he's sure not going to let a beaver mess up his world.
Swamp Loggers: Bobby Starts Early
The boss gets an early start to make up for lost time. When the crew shows up, they demonstrate how to warm up their machines.
Swamp Loggers: Bogus Truck Scale
Just when he could use a day with no bad news, a fine from the mill tips off Bobby that his truck scales are off by a big number.
Swamp Loggers: Bound for ICU
Bo's doctor discloses surprising information about his condition and says he will need to be moved into the intensive care unit of the hospital.
Swamp Loggers: Broken Teeth
Old logging cable buried in a tree takes out six of the feller buncher's carbide teeth and Simitrio has to do a little field "dental" work.
Swamp Loggers: Busted Loader
The strain of lifting hundreds of tons of lumber every day finally finds a weak spot on Dave Mueller's loader.
Swamp Loggers: Clean Up Crew
With the 100-load goal out of reach at the Smith Tract, the loggers begin to clean up their work area to prepare for the 84,000 pound logging trucks.
Swamp Loggers: Coming Up Short
Due to all of the setbacks, Bobby's crew comes up two loads short of their weekly target.
Swamp Loggers: CONEXPO
With Dave left in charge in the swamp, the Goodsons head to Las Vegas to see the new 4-wheel drive system for their service truck.
Swamp Loggers: Don't Get Stuck
Forced to work in a swampy area with a thinner tree stand means fewer trees to build the log roads that keep the cutter from sinking in the muck.
Swamp Loggers: E.J's Debacle
After E.J throws a fit about his spot trailers being empty, the crew voices their opinions on his temper tantrum.
Swamp Loggers: Feel the Force
Bobby's wife takes him to an airfield for a surprise birthday present.
Swamp Loggers: Feeling Optimistic
With the dry weather, the all-terrain crew is optimistic that they will have a successful week and get their 100 loads.
Swamp Loggers: Hitting the Mark
While at the CONEXPO convention in Las Vegas, Bobby receives word that work is going very well back at the swamp.
Swamp Loggers: Home Grown Welding
The shovel logger's hydraulic cylinder is leaking fluid again, but Bobby's learning to fix it with his own welds.
Swamp Loggers: Loggers vs. Beavers
Bobby Goodson is on a mission to tear down a beaver dam, which is clogging up his working area with water, making for unsafe working conditions.
Swamp Loggers: Logging Graveyard
After the feller buncher is damaged by some old logging cable, Bobby discovers a treasure trove of logging machines abandoned over seventy years ago.
Swamp Loggers: Make A Fat Man Move
Bobby and Justin get back to basics by bringing down a giant cypress tree with just the right chainsaw cuts.
Swamp Loggers: Moving Wide Loads
It's moving day for Bobby Goodson and his crew, so they've got to hit the highway with a truck caravan of hazardous wide loads.
Swamp Loggers: Mud Trap
The logging crew is finding it difficult to perform their duties with extremely wet and muddy conditions.
Swamp Loggers: Mud World
After a heavy rain, the clay on the logging roads turns into a muck that traps everything.
Swamp Loggers: New Surplus
With delays in the swamp and restrictions at the pulp mill, Bobby seeks out new surplus to help with production.
Swamp Loggers: One Big Swamp Logging Family
The crew receives word that Bo's condition is improving, which boosts everyone's morale.
Swamp Loggers: One Man Down
Bobby breaks the bad news to Justin about Doug putting in his resignation.
Swamp Loggers: Property Dispute
Employee morale is high, but concerns over a land dispute are still lingering.
Swamp Loggers: Property Line
Sam Porter, owner of the neighboring land, pays Bobby a visit to make sure no timber is being cut down on his property.
Swamp Loggers: Pulp Mill Restrictions
Lesley Davis from Corbett Timber drops by to inform Bobby about the week's pulpwood mill restrictions. Bobby decides to only haul pulpwood, until the mill cuts them off.
Swamp Loggers: Refueling Blues
Things go from bad to worse when the main skidder runs out of fuel in the middle of the swamp, and the fuel truck loses a wheel in a road rut.
Swamp Loggers: Rig Testing
Bobby heads out to the desert where he takes a demo truck for a test ride, putting the all-wheel drive system through some tough maneuvering.
Swamp Loggers: Slick Roads
Muddy road conditions are causing major setbacks to the Goodson's All Terrain Logging crew.
Swamp Loggers: Snow Shut Down
Bobby and his men can handle just about any type of weather except a rare blizzard that ices up roads and machines.
Swamp Loggers: Stuck Truck
On an especially rainy day, deliveries come to a dead halt when Wayne's truck gets stuck in the mud. Bobby helps drag him out and Justin smoothes out the road to ensure that they won't waste any more time because of the mud.
Swamp Loggers: Super Duper Grill
The loggers have a special delivery - a super duper grill to have a large cookout for the crew.
Swamp Loggers: Swallowed by Mud
Bobby's son Justin is going down fast in his loader trapped in a deep mud hole, but quick action by the veteran Simitrio saves the day.
Swamp Loggers: The Backup Truck
Bobby's top producing driver, Gary, gets stuck driving the 20-year-old backup truck.
Swamp Loggers: Timber Tempers
Bobby blows his top when he's accused of exceeding his quota while Justin just hates the skidder.
Swamp Loggers: Touch and Go Transport
Shoddy shop work on the Goodson's heavy equipment trailer leads to some scary moments when it's used to move their indispensable feller buncher.
Swamp Loggers: Unfortunate Route Change
These truckers are not too thrilled about the order to use a much longer route until the rain clears.
Swamp Loggers: Workout Equipment
Bobby heads home to take care of what could be a lifesaving delivery.