Planet Green


We did a fireproof house, circa 1920's, and it brought out the architectural players as well as the usual weekend "playah" players. This fireproof house was on a double lot and had only one bathroom which was UPSTAIRS! Because it was built to be fireproof, certain constrictions made renovation prohibitive. But actually, the double lot is the main reason we're holding the auction. The lot was being split into 2 lots by a local developer.

There were many old features worth fighting for such as a carved entrance door with awesome hardware and knocker. The guy who bought it, was building on one of the lots and was going to spend whatever he needed to in order to get the door. He had sentimental reasons, not financial. That would have been good information to have PRIOR to accepting bids! You never can tell how motivated buyers are until you know the reasoning behind the interest.

The best part of this auction was getting hooked up with Phil Cullen of Ballydoyle Pub in Downers Grove. He was our big buyer and the fact that he got such screaming deals on every purchase I figure, I?m good for free corned beef sandwiches for LIFE at his pub!. Not a bad deal, eh? When I eat there, I usually ask to be seated next to that phenomenal outdoor railing that he bought for a song. It?s been repainted, but I still can see remnants of my dignity splattered just below the surface. The corned beef sure helps to soothe the pain.

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